The Key – 19th May 2014

This week

Monday night will be a Club Assembly and Board Meeting.

Last week

Last Monday night we held a joint meeting with Aurora Gungahlin Club and we welcomed Shyanne (Anglicare ACT) and Daniel (Northside Community Service) who manage the consortium that runs youth engagement in the North/Gungahlin region, and Alistair (Youth Engagement Team in the Anglicare/Northside Consortium).

Their visit to our Club was organised by Sarah Jewell, who was the 2012/13 ambassadorial scholar our District sent to Dublin. Sarah is now the deputy director of the ACT

Youth Council. Our speakers explained the roles they play in delivering services to youth in the community. They are confident that their qualified and experienced team are well-positioned to establish and implement programs that deliver services that are proven to work long term and believe that government funding will continue.

They spoke of particular groups of youth that can be identified, then targeted appropriately, which may involve something as straightforward as ensuring a stranded young person has a bus ticket to get home, or a situation much more complex which may take months to resolve and require the services of other agencies, such s the Police, schools and health workers.

It was interesting to hear of cases that have required workers to seek out local intelligence in order to understand and respond to the particular needs of an individual.  It is often family and friends that provide the most helpful guidance to workers, enabling more effective and timely assistance for vulnerable youth.

Sometimes workers are able to help youth establish sustainable skills enabling them to cook healthy meals, or to socialise to have fun and feel included, or to learn to look out for those around them.   Programs are now typically outreach rather than drop-­‐in resulting in the programs being highly mobile.

It may be a school breakfast club, or a place where youth socialise, eg McDonalds, where their presence is supported by the business.  Many of the programs are funded by voluntary organisations, which was of great interest to our members.  There is a system for supporting projects:  small, eg purchase of basketballs to start a conversation ($100), medium, eg one-­‐off program/class for a trip to the surf or a weekly class ($500), large, eg hip-­‐hop classes, or a creative program ($1,000).

Other Important Rotary Dates

  • Members are reminded to register for the Annual Rotary International Convention in Sydney (1-4 June 2014)
  • Club Changeover Dinner Monday, 23 June at H20 Restaurant, Nicholls Shopping Centre, 6.30 for 7pm, (details to follow)