The Key – 7th July 2014

Next Monday

Sandra is hosting a Games Night at her house. Friends and partners welcome. More details to follow.

Last Week

Post-RI Convention ‘Show and Tell’

Club members brought along some of the trinkets and giveaways they collected, mainly from the convention, and shared them with the members. Among the many pamphlets, booklets and brochures scattered over the table, there were some very interesting ideas for future service projects.

Australia’s Nationhood, Independence & Citizenship -Myths and Facts

After dinner, President Ian’s presentation on Australia’s nationhood and Citizenship was very enlightening, debunking some of the myths we have grown up with. For this editor (of some advanced years) it was a surprise that the concept of citizenship has changed substantially over my lifetime.

Sandra Mahlberg – 2014 RI Service Above Self Awardee

The announcement of this RI award at District Changeover came as a delight to Club members as only 9 persons in District 9710 to have been honoured by RI in this way in the past 20 years! Sandra, who loves surprises herself, was totally surprised to be given this award – and even more surprised at how many Club members (and her three sons) had quietly conspired to make sure she got to District Changeover to receive it. Congratulations Sandra, Gungahlin Rotary is very proud of you.

BBQ – is that with onions or icicles?

In the most horrific weather conditions an enthusiastic band of Rotarians and friends did the BBQ at Magnet Mart. With showers very close to sleet, winds of 30-40km per hour and temperatures that, after a very slow start, eventually got to a balmy 5 degrees our newest member, Emma, was probably wondering what she had got herself into. We sold out and made a tidy profit!

A very well deserve congratulations to Bob, John, Emma and Ian as well as our Friend Julie, along with David and Jed from Gold Creek School, two World Challenge students.

Changes to Monthly Reports

District Governor, Rowley Tompsett has announced a change in monthly data submitted to District – now omitting the requirement for clubs to report % Attendance. The monthly return still requires Membership and Service hours statistics to be submitted within 15 days of the last meeting of the month. The data that is being collected is:

  • Number of members at the beginning of the month
  • Number of new members
  • Number of members terminated
  • Number of members at end of month
  • Number of meetings held
  • Service hours contributed

Rather than focusing on attendance, Rowley is keen for clubs to place more emphasis on membership participation and for clubs to provide a wider range of ways in which members can live their membership, not all measured by just attendance. There is no requirement for clubs to cease recording attendance for their own purposes.