The Key – 15th September 2014

Next Monday

We will hold a Club Assembly and Board Meeting in the dining area of the Boardroom. Members are asked to forward items for discussion to President Ian.

Last Monday

140915-the-key-adele-yatesLast Monday night we welcomed Dr Adele Yates PhD, BSc (Hons) who was a NYSF (National Youth Science Forum) participant nearly 20 years’ ago and now works as a Microbiologist/Food Scientist with Food Standards Australia New Zealand. After graduating from ANU, Adele worked in the ANU School of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology and organised and ran the Siemens Science Schools for Year 9 students, before moving to the Food Standards Australia New Zealand in 2007. It was extremely interesting to hear Adele describe how NYSF provided an exposure to so many areas in the field of science, which most Year 11 students would never have.

passionate about. Adele shared stories about her Honours’ project “Shigella as a
potential vector of rotaviral antigens for mucosal immunity”, explaining in everyday
terms how she undertook her research, the challenges she faced and the outcome.
Not surprisingly, Adele has also received Awards in her field.

Rotary Peace in Action

140915-the-key-peaceThe September issue included the following article (and photo) on the Peace Fellows’ from the Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, which will be of interest to readers.

Chulalongkorn Fellows’ Study Peace Process in the Philippines

It’s rare that a student of peace gets to study a peace process up close. But Rotary Peace Fellows from Chulalongkorn University recently had that opportunity. They traveled to the Philippines to investigate the longtime conflict in Mindanao at a highstakes point: during the final stages of promising peace negotiations. The fellows met with members of Congress, representatives of the president, indigenous leaders, and the chairman of the Mindanao Islamic Liberation Front, among others. Classroom
study can provide the perspective necessary to understand the theoretical framework for conflict resolution, but there’s nothing quite like studying the challenges and opportunities of the process on the ground.

Important Dates for your Diary

  • Our Youth, Our Future – Combined Districts’ Conference,14-16 November.
  • National Convention Centre, Canberra. Districts 9710 and 9675 are bringing together
  • over 100 Rotary Clubs for this Conference. Registration is open at

The Key – 8th September 2014

Next Monday

Next Monday, 8 September, we will welcome Dr Adele Yates. Adele was a former NYSF (National Youth Science Forum) participant and now works as a
Microbiologist/Food Scientist with Food Standards Australia/New Zealand. It will be interesting to listen to Adele’s views about the opportunity to have been a NYSF participant and to hear about her career path since that then.

Last week

Last Monday night we welcomed guest speakers Yasser Dabhoiwala and
Dr Nazre Sobhan from the Canberra Muslim Community Incorporated (CMC Inc). We began the meeting with the our National Toast, recognising the long record of Muslim interactions with Australia – the 17th century Macassan traders from the Indonesian archipelago, the first camel drivers on the 1860 Burke and Wills expedition, the first mosque in Marree, South Australia, in 1861 and the multicultural breadth of Australia’s, and indeed Gungahlin’s, Muslim community today.

Yasser Dabhoiwala and Dr Nazre Sobhan are Gungahlin residents. They spoke about the diverse nature of their local community and the role and plans for their new Mosque and community centre on The Valley Avenue, Gungahlin. Much of the fundraising for their new Mosque is focused in Gungahlin. The Canberra Muslim Community Incorporation’s vision is to build a place where the Canberra’s Muslim community can worship, learn and strengthen their connection and bonding to Islam and their community. In particular, this will offer an opportunity to engage with younger and future generations closely and to support and guide them for their spiritual advancement and growth through the Mosque and community centre.

Upcoming events

Our Youth, Our Future – Combined Districts’ Conference

From 14th to 16th November at the National Convention Centre, Canberra.

Districts 9710 and 9675 are bringing together over 100 Rotary Clubs for this Conference. Registration is open at

Joint meeting

Tuesday 7th October Joint Meeting of the Rotary Clubs of Young, Yass & Gungahlin & it will be a Partner’s night. This will be a makeup for us as our Monday meeting is cancelled (public holiday). Venue: Yass Services’ Club.

The Key 1 Sept 2014

Welcome to this weeks edition of The Key!

Our latest guest speaker

Last Monday we welcomed Gemma Wood, a volunteer from St John Ambulance who spoke about the organisation and the vital role played by so many volunteers.

Gemma explained the warning signs for heart attacks and strokes, as well as taking us through the steps required in the administration of First Aid, including Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation. Also, Member Terry assisted by happily volunteering

to be a person that required assistance and Gemma demonstrated how to place someone in the recovery position. We also welcomed Member Emma’s brother, Isaac.

Next weeks’ guest speaker

Next Monday, 1 September, members and their guests will welcome guest speakers from the Canberra Muslim Community (Inc), Yasser Dabhoiwala (Executive Member) and Dr Nazre Sobhan (President), who will speak about the nature of their Continue reading The Key 1 Sept 2014