What I love about a Rotary BBQ

by Emma Hales

Getting out of my car at the hardware store this morning, the smell of the sausages and onions cooking on the barbecue beckoned. My mouth was watering as I fumbled around for my $2.50 and bought my sausage sandwich. I ate it quickly and loved every bite – there’s just nothing like a Rotarian-cooked sausage on a cool Sunday morning. I really wanted a second one, but it was time for me to start my shift and relieve some of the others who had been there all morning. I tied on my apron, pulled on some gloves, and started serving sandwiches to hungry customers.

There’s so much more to Rotary than amazing sausages, but let me tell you why our sausage sizzles are important.

  • The money raised goes toward worthwhile causes such as community projects and sponsoring youth programs
  • It gives us a public place to tell people about Rotary and invite them to consider coming along to a meeting or an event.
  • It is a chance for busy Rotarians to contribute to the community by giving a couple of hours of their time when other projects or events may be a little too demanding for them.
  • It’s a chance for Rotarians to chat and get to know each other better, form better friendships, and come up with brilliant new ideas for the club.
  • It’s a low-pressure way to interact with members of the community and brighten their day (and more often than not, they brighten ours too)
  • It prevents people from doing hardware shopping on an empty stomach – a dangerous activity that should be avoided!

So while we want people to know all the wonderful things that Rotary does in the world, I think it’s important to know that a lot of that work starts with a weekend barbecue at your local hardware store or supermarket. Next time the tempting aroma of sausages and onions beckons you from the car park, go and grab a sausage or a drink, have a chat with the friendly Rotarians, and know that you’ve just played a part in making a positive difference in the world.