The Key 24 August 2015

Click this link for the latest news from Gungahlin Rotary Club in this week’s edition of The Key: The Key 24 August 2015

This has been posted from somewhere over the United States as I fly from Washington DC to San Francisco! How cool is that! I may not be in Gungahlin right now but I’m still able to keep up with the club.

We have a BBQ this Sunday at Magnet Mart. Spring is coming so it’s a good time to get in and do some shopping (and an excuse to have a great sausage sandwich)! Our BBQs are also an opportunity to contribute some spare change to community projects, and to chat to some friendly Rotarians about what we do.

This coming Monday (24th August) we’ll be at the Waterfront Seafood Restaurant, 51 Strayleaf Crescent Gungahlin, and we’ll be hearing from Chris Kimball, CEO of Snowy Hydro Southcare. Guests are welcome to attend, but please let us know to expect you.

Till next time,