The Year You Make a Difference

Over the next couple of weeks you may start thinking about New Year’s Resolutions. Lemme guess… lose weight, get organised, get fit, save more money… OF COURSE they’ll be on your list. They are every year! But THIS year, why not consider something new, something fresh, something exciting and inspiring… In 2016 I’m going to Make a Positive Difference.

Maybe you’ll set a goal to perform a random act of kindness in your community once a week. Maybe you’ll help out with some school activities. Maybe you’ll Join a Rotary Club. Ooh, now there’s an idea!

Rotary gives you the chance to get involved in causes you’re passionate about. You can support young people to access amazing opportunities like Leadership Programs; recognise local community members for excellence in their field of work; be part of international projects that interest you, and so on. The opportunities are absolutely endless – whatever you’re excited about, there is a good chance that your Rotary Club might be excited about it too!

And besides making a positive difference to the world you live in, you’ll of course experience a positive difference in your own life. You’ll make new friends, you’ll learn something new every week, your self-esteem will soar as you contribute your own knowledge and skills to the club, and most importantly, you will have fun.

If this sounds a little daunting, why not at least make it your goal to visit a club as a guest for one meeting. Get out of your comfort zone and just hear a bit about what your local club is doing in the community. From there you can decide whether it’s worth coming back for another visit, or if you’ll find some other avenue to make a positive difference in the world.

How do you intend to make a difference in 2016?

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