The Key 21 March 2016

Last Monday –14th March 2016 – We had a night off for the Canberra Day public holiday.

This Monday – 21st March 2016 – we welcome to the meeting our two nominees for last January’s RYLA program – Francis Mikola-Quilty and Savanna McGuirk. Their pathways towards RYLA have been very different and we will be very interested in their feedback.


Saturday was a warm day for our regular Magnet Mart BBQ but the breeze made it easier. The trade was steady, but not exhausting, and the customers and passers-by were friendly. At least one seemed very interested in turning a sausage as a member of the Rotary Team in the future. Here Robyn, Terry and John are serving another satisfied customer




20160317This is the first collection of educational toys we’re sending to FOKUPERS to enable them to start Play and Learn programs in Timor Leste. A big thank you to all who supported this activity.

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