Types of membership

We welcome inquiries from potential members but we also want a decision to seek membership to be well-informed.  Find out about the process of joining below.


You may be interested in finding out more about Rotary but have not considered becoming a Rotarian yourself.  That’s quite OK and at most meetings visitors would be welcome, so contact the President or another member of the Board to find out details of venue, time and program.  Prospective members are encouraged to attend several meetings before making a decision to join so attending as a visitor may save you time in the long run.

You may decide you want to help out at a particular upcoming event, perhaps a BBQ on a Saturday morning or some other service event you hear about at the meeting or in an edition of our weekly news, ‘The Key’.  Note that participating at a Rotary event, even as a visitor, provides coverage for you under our Club’s insurance policy.  At some point you may decide to seek admission to Gungahlin Rotary – to become a Rotarian.  Probably at about the same time we will have reached the same conclusion and a member will approach you with an application form, quite brief, to complete.  The Board and Club will consider your application and when finished will invite you to join – to become a Rotarian.

Active Member

As a full member, you are encouraged to attend most meetings and take part in voting and decision making with regard to club activities, including approving club expenditure and deciding what projects the club will get involved in. We ask all active members to make time to volunteer at some of the various events we are involved in, though of course we understand all members will have varying demands upon their time from a range of responsibilities outside the Club.

Full members pay an annual membership fee, which covers club costs such as registration as well the fees paid to Rotary International in order to run the organisation. The membership fee is currently two payments of $120 per year.  In addition there is a low meeting fee, currently only $5, and the purchase of dinner is optional.  Members with young families, in particular, may well have eaten before attending.

The Induction of a New Rotarian is an important event for both the Club and for the individual member, so we usually run through some traditional formalities to mark the moment.  A new member receives a certificate of membership, name badge and Rotary International pin and often further Rotary literature.

Board Member

All active members can be nominated – or you may self-nominate – to be a member of the Club Board.  The Board comprises several designated officers and a group of directors and these have responsibility for a designated aspect of the clubs operations.  Being on the Board is a great way to grow as a Rotarian and to become more aware of the policies and programs of our District 9710, of Rotary International and of the Rotary Foundation and to influence the course of Club activities.

There are a number of positions on the board: President  Past President, Vice President, President Elect, Secretary, Treasurer and Directors (currently 3)

While most Rotarians have had a few years’ experience with Rotary before taking on a board role, we have also welcomed new members to the Board – who have then brought fresh ideas, enthusiasm and energy to our discussions.

Friends of Rotary

Some non-members and former members have decided to become a ‘Friend of Gungahlin Rotary’. It can be a good place for a non-member to start as a potential Rotarian and equally make separation easier for Rotarians who find they are unable to meet the responsibilities of an active member.  There are no fees or costs associated with membership and no requirement to attend meetings or be on any BBQ or activity rosters. It is kind of like a casual membership, when you are available we appreciate you time, when not, no worries!

As a Friend of the Club, you are welcome to attend any meeting, social event (dinners, drinks, ten-pin bowling etc.) or other activity when you are available. You will also receive communications like the bulletin so you will still be kept in the loop as to what is going on.

You are then welcome to upgrade or return to full membership whenever you like.


If the answer is yes, then get in touch now and we can answer any more questions you may have. You can email, phone, see us on Facebook or pop into the next BBQ or meeting (or any Monday night, except public holidays) at the Belconnen Soccer Club in McKellar – all are welcome!

Remember, there is no pressure to join, so come along, meet some people, make some friends and see what you think, you have nothing to lose!



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